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Draft email template to send to your MP about S10K

Following the launch of @BoycottSpect10k and their open statement. I have written out a template for people to send to their MPs so they can press the government about the concerns we have about this study.

I am not a big enough advocate yet like the people who worked on this statement. But I know my way around politics. I have already sent my email off to my MP. I hope you will do the same.

If you are unsure as to who your MP is and how to contact them, use this link to find out:

Find MPs - MPs and Lords - UK Parliament

Draft email template:


My name is…………….. I am from (enter town/city in the constituency) ………….. and I am autistic/parent of autistic child/supporter of autism (delete as applicable) and I would like to bring to your attention the recent study that was launched called ‘Spectrum 10K.’

On the 24th August, the University of Cambridge published its new study called ‘Spectrum 10K’ asking for 10,000 applicants to be a part of their study. The initial publication of this study caused a lot of upheaval for the autistic community. The backlash for this study had continued to grow - with autistic academics, advocates and individuals, coming together to form a joint open statement about this study: (

The reason why autistic people are concerned with this study is because of the finer details that are not mentioned, yet are inherently implied, and this is the use of eugenics. Eugenics is a very traumatising topic for many individuals. For decades autistic people have had to constantly fight to get their identities known, correctly diagnosed, and even supported and understood. It is still an uphill battle. The autistic community fully understands the science behind this, trying to make other comorbidities better understood to improve wellbeing.

But it is the safeguarding of this information - which is the cause behind this movement.

This study aims to use DNA to find genetic links between autism and autistic wellbeing. But all this does is leave our DNA open for someone else to use and take advantage of, leading to eugenics and finding a ‘cure for autism.’ We do not need a cure, we need acceptance. The consent and safeguarding of person information in this study is very vague, nothing is guaranteed, and nothing has been explained in detail the proper use.

I urge you to press the government to intervene and ask the University of Cambridge to publish the full safeguarding and consent information and to insert the proper guidelines to prevent vulnerable people having their DNA used in a way that they do not consent to.

Autistic people want to be accepted as who we are. None of us want a cure or eugenics and I hope this feeling is mutual.

Yours sincerely,


#ActuallyAutistic #BoycottSpectrum10K #StopSpectrum10K #Politics

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